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    EMPOWERED Lip Gloss


    I am Enough Lipgloss Collection is a dreamy , non-sticky  lightweight formula that delivers a special unique smooth feel that hydrates and makes your lips looking fuller while keeping youmoisturized throughout the day. Can be worn alone or over any of your favourite queenfidence lip shades.

    I am WORTHY  - Blush Pink Nude
    I am GRATEFUL - Warm Pink
    I am POSITIVE  - Mauve Brown

    INSPIRATION: This lipgloss collection was created & designed to inspire you to positively affirm yourself daily. When our founder was struggling with low self-esteem, she daily affirmed herself which helped her overcome her fears and low self confidence. “I purposely named each lipgloss to inspire you to speak positively about yourself and shift your mindset by changing the words you tell yourself daily.” In a world where we can be our greatest enemy and critique, let be our biggest cheerleader. Look in the mirror and remind yourself that YOU ARE ENOUGH & WORTHY of everything. :)

    • Non-sticky that glides on lips smoothly. 
    • Hydrating, Smooth Feel and leaves your lips looking more fuller. 
    • Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Non toxic ingredient, 
    • Lightweight texture feels comfortable on the lips while leaving a luminous shiny finish.

    Warning : 
    This LIPGLOSS Collection might positively affect your mood & life for the better. 

    HOW TO USE: 
    Exfoliate lips before use. Apply directly onto your lips using an applicator.

    Pout: Place gloss just in the center of your lips to make lips appear fuller. 
    FULLER LIPS: After applying gloss, apply a nude or darker liner just outside of your lips to contour and create for a fuller lip look.